Acting within a company’s powers 3

“An act of a company is not invalidated just because it is outside the scope of the objects of the company. Practically, the objects as stated in the Company Regulations will be construed to include only purposes that are reasonably consequential to the stated objects.”

Akua O. Asare-Menako (Excerpt from her article, ‘The Limits of Company’s Powers: The Ultra Vires Doctrine’, Business & Financial Times, 09.07.2017)


Acting within a company’s powers 2

“When a company acts outside the limits of its objects, it is deemed to be ‘acting in excess of its powers’. For instance, a company incorporated to provide insurance brokerage services would be acting in excess of its powers if it starts dealing in automobiles. This condition of a company acting in excess of its powers is termed a ‘ultra vires’.

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Tax Amnesty (Ghana) Benefits – Pt.1

“Existing taxpayers and entities not already registered with the Ghana Revenue Authority could enjoy a number of benefits such as penalty waivers, interest and/or tax waivers up to the 2017 year of assessment by taking advantage of the provisions of the Tax Amnesty Act, 2017 (Act 955).”

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